Leveraging Informatics and Analytics To Mine Big Data

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Leveraging Informatics and Analytics To Mine Big Data

By Tom O’Leary, CIO, ICON

Tom O’Leary, CIO, ICON

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014 and expectations

In the context of Pharmaceutical Drug Development the big challenge is connecting and integrating technologies which will give a full 360 degree perspective  on the patient and ultimately deliver an Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem. The industry has made in-roads to specific aspects of the process in the context of clinical trials with solutions including Electronic Data Capture Systems and Data Warehousing Technologies but remains challenged by the disparate arrays of  bespoke technologies which continue to be used. The clinical trials process needs to align on a common integrated technology stack to meet the future needs of drug development.

"The industry as yet does not have enterprise solutions to address challenges and leverage the opportunity which exists through data sources such as social  media and other capabilities"

Areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist

The 3 major challenges which continue to exist in drug development are (a) Patient and Site Identification (b) Study start-up (c) Remote monitoring of subjects  Participating in clinical trials. The industry as yet does not have enterprise solutions to address these challenges and leverage the opportunity which exists  Through data sources such as social media and other capabilities.

Trends impacting enterprise business environment

The SMAC (Social Mobile Analytic and Cloud) technology trends are impacting all industries and Drug Development is no different. Today, organisations are  Looking to determine what technologies they need to continue to own and develop as bespoke solutions vs. what technologies they can avail of through outsourcing our even source in SAAS in the cloud. All organisations are looking to better leverage Informatics and Analytics solution to mine the BIG DATA  Stores which exist on previously completed or failed drug development projects. Social media continues to grow in significance as a mechanism to drive  Awareness around the development of new drugs but also how subjects can become involved and benefit and contribute to the research which is being  Conducted.

My word for a CIO

Data has become mobile; it’s being used in a much wider spectrum and is expanding at an alarming rate. IT is no longer just about the “tin” in the server room  Or on the desktop, instead it’s about managing and delivering value though the variety, velocity and volume of data that is being generated and delivering  real-time and predictive analytics.

The role of CIOs today

The biggest change that has been seen in the market place is the desire to have CIO’s who have worked in the business directly, who have managed operational functions and have reallife experience of the challenges. This experience enables CIOs to figure out ways in which technology can be leveraged to  solve those challenges vs. the more traditional approaches of the past.

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